Harmony & love

I believe that the key to health, beauty, well-being and optimal weight is to accept and love ourselves whole. Not just the parts that are easy, comfortable, meet our or others expectations. But especially the parts we do not like, we even hate, ignore or resent. Because when we love ourselves just the way we are, our whole life is in the flow – our relationships, work, duties and lifestyle. This is why it is essential to allow yourself be YOU.

I support women in their awakening, healing and accepting. Being yourself is the KEY that unlocks the door to quest for real me – journey of love, harmony, freedom, healthy boundaries and relationships. I will be honored to guide you on this quest.

Do the following statements resonate with you?

Do you feel bad when you are tired or feel up doing nothing?

Do you get stressed out when things are not going according to your plan or expectations?

Are you angry with yourself when you eat something “unhealthy” or you skip your exercise routine?

Do you feel selfish when you do not feel up caring about others for a while and you need time just for yourself?

Do you experience same old painful situations with men in relationship?

Is it difficult for you to find LOVE you dream of?