What I believe in:

  • my priority in life as well as in work is health – all I recommend to my clients is based on their health conditions and the goal to achieve health without using any nutrition supplements, pills, „just“ healthy relationship with food, exercise, thoughts and emotions and yourself
  • my approach is comprehensive, using knowledge of psychology, psychotherapy, nutrition, coaching and alternative methods
  • healthy weight is the result of balanced intake and output and happy life is the proper balance between giving and taking in general
  • our physical and mental health is based not only on what and how we eat and what we think and feel about food, but also how we feel in our body, how we treat ourselves and others, everything is connected
  • hunger is the enemy of successful weight loss, physical hunger appears when we don’t fill our body correctly and sufficiently, emotional hunger appears when we push down our feelings, we are stressed out, anxious, angry, bored, broken, when our soul needs to be filled
  • each person is unique and needs different amount of energy, nutrients, care and understanding
  • my approach is individual, respecting clients needs, taste, limits and goals
  • I don’t force anybody to eat only „healthy food”, or to avoid favorite foods, I teach my clients how to eat everything but with a conscious mind and connected body
  • healthy balanced diet is not about rules, but about natural taste, cravings, the needs of the individual person always based on actual situation, season, inner and outer conditions
  • there are no bad or good foods, feelings, thoughts, all we need is to accept the variety of life
  • I believe in food as a medicine, preferring simple natural food and exercise as the best way to stay fit, I don’t sell any nutrition supplements, weight loss pills, cocktails or any miracle for healthy and happy life
  • I believe that our physical or mental health is mostly influenced by our relationship with ourselves and the others and allowing to be ourselves is the way out of the painful life cycle
  • body-mind-soul work together as a one team, it does not matter where you start
  • I admire everybody who is willing to change their life

Education and Trainings

  • Private Practice at therapeutic center My Life Studio
  • Coach and workshop lecturer of psychology of stress and health for companies (OZP, T-Mobile, Ceska pojistovna, Ceska sporitelna, CEZ, Komercni banka, CSOB, KPMG)
  • Expert consultant for NGO initiative Vim, co jim a piju – authorized healthy recipes, psychology and nutrition focused articles, media and public service
  • Co-owner of therapeutic center My Life Studio
  • Nutrition Therapy at OB Clinic
  • Psychotherapy and counselling supervision training in Person Centered Approach, PCA Institute Praha
  • Somatic coaching certificated training, Czech Biosynthesis Institute
  • Psychology Master’s degree – Charles University in Prague
  • Nutrition Counselor certificated course – NutriAcademy
  • Somatic psychotherapy workshops – Czech Biosynthesis Institute
  • Ayurveda and yoga courses
  • Fitbox, Jumpboxing and therapeutic exercise Core and pelvic floor muscles instructor course