Food as your medicine

Healthy balanced diet is not about starving, boring meals and cravings for an unhealthy one. You can eat everything, but with conscious mind to tell you stop when you are full and satisfied or choose healthier option because you know what makes you feel good.
Optimizing your weight is a long-term process and I will help and motivate you during all the stages – identifying causes, eating and mental habits changes, education and practical guidance, checking on the progress and weight maintenance. I do not offer any nutrition supplements, cosmetics or miracle weight-loss pills. All is about natural balanced fresh food, herbs, spices from local markets or stores. No more diets, binge eating, nutrition supplements or yo-yo effects, get your weight optimized with balanced food, regular exercise and healthy mind.

I provide one-on-one sessions, body composition analysis and nutrition programs with tailored personalized plans. Common nutrition therapy topics include:

  • weight loss and weight management
  • sport and health care nutrition, food allergies and intolerance
  • disordered eating behavior, emotional eating issues
  • chronic diseases and metabolic syndrome prevention

How Nutrition Therapy helps:

combats overweight and obesity, stabilizes optimal weight

helps alleviate many illnesses, especially chronic ones

you don't diet - there are no bans nor orders, everything is balanced

treats both symptoms and causes of some ailments

decreses stress levels, emotional tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia

requires active aproach of a client, teaches to be more responsible and sensitive towards body

boosts energy levels and decreses fatigue

improves overal fitness, good health and mental agility

acts preventively, increases imunity and speeds up metabolism