Freedom of your Soul

Our health, weight or relationship with others is mainly influenced by the relationship we have with ourselves. Therefore some time, space and care for our soul is needed so we can free ourselves from no longer working emotional, mental and behavioral patterns. Whether you deal with your weight, health, work or relationship issues, the first step is to allow yourself time just for you.

I am offering psychological consultations as a supporting therapy for variety of psychosomatic issues, eating disorders, obesity, low self-esteem, life crisis and traumas.

We will work through issues such as:

low self-esteem and negative body image, perfectionism

anxiety, depression, addictions and obsessive thoughts

fear of rejection, abandonment and losing control over life

eating disorders and emotional eating

dysfunctional relationships, life traumas and crises

suppressing painful emotions and psychosomatic issues

Nutrition and Psychology comes together

I recommend psychology counseling also for dieters, over/under eaters, emotional eaters and everyone in between. Eating problems cause weight issues as well as mental and emotional difficulties. Learning what is behind your unhealthy eating habits, what your triggers are and how to change them, what food really means to you, working on your self-esteem and self-body image, listening to and trusting your body and emotions leads to natural weight. It is not enough to modify your habits, which are only external manifestations of your thoughts and feelings. Psychology counseling helps with the weight management changes. You will learn how to normalize eating habits, how to cope your triggers, reduce obsessive thoughts, establish positive relationship with food, yourselves and loved ones. Knowing what your mind and soul needs is essential for reaching optimal weight, health and happiness.