Starving and restricted dieting leads to obesity, not weight-loss, healthy food is tasty and not boring! Forget all you have heard about diets in general, start to respect your individuality and your special body needs!

I provide one-on-one sessions, body composition analysis and nutrition programs with tailored personalized plans. Common nutrition therapy topics include:
weight loss and weight management
sport and health care nutrition, food allergies and intolerance
disordered eating behavior, emotional eating issues
chronic diseases and metabolic syndrome prevention
holistic ayurveda nutrition
Healthy balanced diet is not about starving, boring meals and cravings for an unhealthy one. You can eat everything, but with conscious mind to tell you stop when you are full and satisfied or chose healthier option because you know what makes you feel good.
Optimizing your weight is a long-term process and I will help and motivate you during all the stages – identifying causes, eating and mental habits changes, education and practical guidance, checking on the progress and weight maintenance.
I do not offer any nutrition supplements, cosmetics or miracle weight-loss pills. All is about natural balanced fresh food, herbs, spices from local markets or stores. No more diets, binge eating, nutrition supplements or yo-yo effects, get your weight optimized with balanced food, regular exercise and healthy mind!

Exercise – move to be free

Adjusting eating patterns is half of the success, the other half is activity. Fats need to be burnt, and exercise is the only way how to burn them☺
During our individual sessions we can work together on your exercise needs and goals. If you are losing weight, the cardio exercise and special work-outs are provided, or you may have some specific healthy issues where yoga therapy can help. If you just start with exercise and want to prepare for group classes in a gym, or have some special physical issues, or just need individual approach, I am here to help you.

  • Special workout techniques for problematic parts (abs, hips, butts) and back issues
  • Learning how to exercise and breathe effectively, appropriate for continuing later alone at home or the gym

Yoga therapy

Individual yoga therapy practicing yoga positions (asanas) for specific healthy issues helps to achieve body-mind-soul harmony. On physical level it reliefs muscle spinal and back issues, helps to burn fat and boost metabolism, and tone up your muscles. On mind level it reliefs your stress, anxiety, overwhelmed and restless thoughts and on emotional level it works with blocked and suppressed emotions, releases them and you feel safe, free and calm again, connected to your body. I combine various yoga techniques including stretching, workouts, breathing, meditation and relaxation. It is designed for you, your needs and goals and you are not forced to do anything you would be afraid of or uncomfortable with. Yoga techniques range from basic to advanced, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and conditions. Private session allows focusing on your inner and outer space consciously, correctly and effectively. It helps with chronic problems – obesity, back and spinal pain, headaches, joint and muscle problems, asthma and allergies, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more.



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