Nutrition plans are based on my belief that nothing is right for everyone. Everybody is unique, that is why my nutrition plans are tailored to your needs, tastes, body type and your goals, based on your inner and outer assessment. Personalized tailored nutrition plans with comprehensive analysis (body composition, current food intake, health and lifestyle assessments) and individual recommendation (concrete daily intake of nutriments, energy, weekly diet sheets with recipes, exercise with optimal heart zone and more) are your concrete solution!
During our initial session I make detailed assessment of your past clinical history, living style, food habits, and body composition diagnose by using bioimpedance monitor Tanita (body fat, water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR and more). There is also an optional acidity test. All these analysis will be explained in the plan.
You do not have to count calories or fats any more, I count everything for you (your optimal daily energy and nutriments intake) and you will only keep the portions and chose from the food combinations I already planned for you to have everything what you need. This is not any restricted diet, nutrition plan is your long-term guide how to eat balanced food and you can reuse your plan anytime you need to get in shape again.

Nutrition plan contains:

Initial consultation 50 min

Body composition and health analysis (current state, family predispositions, potential health risks))

Detailed current food intake analysis (identifying causes, current energy, fluid, nutriments intake)

Comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan

Detailed week diet sheets with concrete portions and optimal energy and nutriments intake

Recipes, grocery shopping tips and practical guidance

Specific physical activities and heart rate zone

Support service (email, phone) for 3 months



Mgr. Zuzana Douchová


+420 606 961 803

Therapeutic Center My Life Studio

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