Are you feeling exhausted lately, tensed but still can’t relax or “switch off”?

Do you suffer from insomnia, depression or burnout syndrome?

Do you have psychosomatic issues?

Do you need change in your life?

Antistress coaching is my unique coaching method supporting client in personal growth, decreasing stress level and increasing stress coping abilities. I provide individual coaching specially focused on stress issues and stress prevention. Anti-stress coaching is recommended for those who suffer from chronical or acute stress.

Most common stress symptoms and impacts:

tiredness, physical and mental exhaustion

insomnia, depression or burnout syndrome

emotional eating and unhealthy life style

psychosomatic issues

sexual or relationship problems

lack of concentrations and memory difficulties

communication problems

Why antistress coaching

Everybody reacts on stress differently and from different reasons so everybody needs different help and care. I use somatic coaching methods to observe people holistically. While the usual way of the basic coaching techniques is the work on the intellectual level, somatic coaching uses all available client’s sources – also body and emotional levels. This way of coaching is complex and more effective, because it works with client’s inner and outer potential.
Coaching is a method of supporting people in their growth and achieving changes in their personal or professional life. Coaching techniques mobilize client’s courage, inner sources and motivation for change. With the help of coaching questions and somatic body practice the coach offers the clients nontraditional views and together they clear away the barrier impeding client’s effort.
Somatic coaching increases client’s potential on intellectual, emotional and physical level. Working with client’s body, behavior, thinking and feeling leads to powerful changes in personal or professional life.
I provide individual coaching at my private practice as well as individual or group coaching for companies.



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