• Nutrition therapy - Let food be your medicine

    I provide one-on-one sessions, body composition analysis and nutrition programs with tailored personalized plans. Common nutrition counseling topics include - weight loss and weight management, sports and health nutrition, disordered eating behavior, chronic disease and metabolic syndrome prevention, digestive issues, emotional eating issues, holistic nutrition, ayurveda nutrition, food allergies and intolerance and more. Healthy balanced diet is not about starving, boring meals and cravings for an unhealthy one. You can eat everything, but with conscious mind to tell you stop when you are full and satisfied or chose healthier option because you know what makes you feel good.

    Optimizing your weight is a long-term process and I will help and motivate you during all the stages – identifying causes, eating and mental habits changes, education and practical guidance, checking on the progress and weight maintenance.

    I do not offer any nutrition supplements, cosmetics or miracle weight-loss pills. All is about natural balanced fresh food, herbs, spices from local markets or stores. No more diets, binge eating, nutrition supplements or yo-yo effects, get your weight optimized with balanced food, regular exercise and healthy mind!

    Exercise - Move to be free

    Adjusting eating patterns is half of the success, the other half is activity. Fats need to be burnt, and exercise is the only way how to burn them

    During our individual sessions we can work together on your exercise needs and goals. If you are losing weight, the cardio exercise and special work-outs are provided, or you may have some specific healthy issues where yoga therapy can help. If you just start with exercise and want to prepare for group classes in a gym, or have some special physical issues, or just need individual approach, I am here to help you.

    Private workout sessions
    • Special workout techniques for problematic parts (abs, hips, butts) and back issues
    • Learning how to exercise and breathe effectively, appropriate for continuing later alone at home or the gym
    Yoga therapy
    • Individual yoga therapy practicing yoga positions (asanas) for specific healthy issues helps to achieve body-mind-soul harmony
    • Helps to achieve body-mind-soul harmony
    • On physical level it reliefs muscle spinal and back issues, helps to burn fat and boost metabolism, and tone up your muscles. On mind level it reliefs your stress, anxiety, overwhelmed and restless thoughts and on emotional level it works with blocked and suppressed emotions, releases them and you feel safe, free and calm again, connected to your body
    • Combines various yoga techniques including stretching, workouts, breathing, meditation and relaxation
    • Is designed for you, your needs and goals and you are not forced to do anything you would be afraid of or uncomfortable with
    • Yoga techniques range from basic to advanced, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and conditions
    • Private session allows focusing on your inner and outer space consciously, correctly and effectively
    • Helps with chronic problems – obesity, back and spinal pain, headaches, joint and muscle problems, asthma and allergies, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more
  • Nutrition plan - Eating for losing weight

    Nutrition plans are based on my belief that nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone. Everybody is unique, that is why my nutrition plans are tailored to your needs, tastes, body type and your goals, based on your inner and outer assessment. Personalized tailored nutrition plans with comprehensive analysis (body composition, current food intake, health and lifestyle assessments) and individual recommendation (concrete daily intake of nutriments, energy, weekly diet sheets with recipes, exercise with optimal heart zone and more) are your concrete solution!

    During our initial session I make detailed assessment of your past clinical history, living style, food habits, and body composition diagnose by using bioimpedance monitor Tanita (body fat, water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR and more). There is also an optional acidity test. All these analysis will be explained in the plan.

    You do not have to count calories or fats any more, I count everything for you (your optimal daily energy and nutriments intake) and you will only keep the portions and chose from the food combinations I already planned for you to have everything what you need. This is not any restricted diet, nutrition plan is your long-term guide how to eat balanced food and you can reuse your plan anytime you need to get in shape again.

    Nutrition plan contains:
    • Initial consultation
    • Body composition and health analysis (current state, family predispositions, potential health risks)
    • Detailed current food intake analysis (identifying causes, current energy, fluid, nutriments intake)
    • Comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan
    • Detailed week diet sheets with concrete portions and optimal energy and nutriments intake
    • Recipes, grocery shopping tips and practical guidance
    • Specific physical activities and heart rate zone
    • Support service (email, phone) for 3 months
  • Antistress Coaching - Your body says more about you than your words

    I provide individual coaching specially focused on stress issues and stress prevention. Anti-stress coaching is recommended for those who suffer from chronical or acute stress and are experiencing some of these stress symptoms and impacts – tiredness, exhaustion, insomnia, depression, emotional eating, burnout syndrome, psychosomatic issues, unhealthy life style, sexual or relationship problems, lack of concentrations and memory difficulties. Everybody reacts on stress differently and from different reasons so everybody needs different help and care.

    I use somatic coaching methods to observe people holistically. While the usual way of the basic coaching techniques is the work on the intellectual level, somatic coaching uses all available client’s sources – also body and emotional levels. This way of coaching is complex and more effective, because it works with client’s inner and outer potential.

    Coaching is a method of supporting people in their growth and achieving changes in their personal or professional life. Coaching techniques mobilize client’s courage, inner sources and motivation for change. With the help of coaching questions and somatic body practice the coach offers the clients nontraditional views and together they clear away the barrier impeding client’s effort.

    Somatic coaching increases client’s potential on intellectual, emotional and physical level. Working with client’s body, behavior, thinking and feeling leads to powerful changes in personal or professional life.

    I provide individual coaching at my private practice as well as individual or group coaching for companies.

  • Psychology counseling - Change your mind and the body will follow

    Psychology counseling for dieters, over/under eaters, emotional eaters and everyone in between. Eating problems causes weight issues as well as mental and emotional difficulties. Learning what is behind your unhealthy eating habits, what your triggers are and how to change them, what food really means to you, working on your self-esteem and self-body image, listening to and trusting your body and emotions leads to natural weight. It is not enough to modify your habits, which are only external manifestations of your thoughts and feelings.

    We will work through the issues that make you vulnerable to disorder eating – poor self-esteem, anxiety, fear of rejection, perfectionism, depression, avoiding painful emotions, going through traumatic experience and more. The issues with food relate to the way we see ourselves and others.

    Psychology counseling helps with the weight management changes. You will learn how to normalize eating habits, how to cope your triggers, reduce obsessive thoughts, establish positive relationship with food, yourselves and loved ones.

    Knowing what your mind and soul needs is essential for reaching optimal weight and health.

  • Antistress corporate care - Well-being is about BEing, not DOing

    I believe, that our well-being is the most important factor influencing our health, relationships and work efficiency. This is why I am offering anti-stress corporate care based on psychological support of corporate environment.

    I provide these services:
    • Antistress individual and group coaching
    • Antistress 30 minutes relaxation techniques, group session
    • Lectures and workshops (Psychosomatic aspects of stress, Stress typology, Antistress communication, Antistress lifestyle)
    • Antistress yoga group sessions

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